Endless Sufferings and Pains of Palestinian People


For many years, the Middle East faced major challenges, and has long been one of the most unstable and crisis-ridden regions in the world.

The Palestine issue:  the relentless war against the Palestinians and also Lebanon a neighbouring country of the occupied land by Israel is the main and the most obvious cause of the crisis. Israel’s incessant attacks on Palestinian civilians and their territories began in 1948 with Israel’s presence in the occupied territories and continue unabated. As a result the Zionist regime expelled and displaced millions of Palestinians from their lands, thousands were also taken captive, thousands were martyred, and tens of thousands injured.

Human rights abuse

The Middle East transformed to a region grappling tension and turmoil owing to the occupied Zionist regime’s brutalities. There has been no change in the anti-human rights politics of the Zionist regime: in the last months, they intensified their brutality and total impunity against the Palestinians; continuing their killing, torturing and assassination of the Palestinian people and authorities.

Israel has initiated a ploy to establish a Government in Palestinian territories, as per its preference. Their persistent pressure to undermine Elections in the occupied lands, the influence of American leaders’, their political pressures and lobbies on Arab Governments and the Head of Palestinian National Authority contribute to this goal.

Israel has reduced Palestine to ashes. The severity of daily targeting and destroying Palestinian infrastructures and economic facilities creates an unsafe atmosphere for the life of all Palestinians. Can the people around the world turn a blind eye to what has happened and is happening?

No Democracy

Israel won’t tolerate the Palestinians’ right to select their own Government officials. It carries out mass punitive measures and torture.  Ministers, MPs and those selected by the people of Palestine are arrested from their homes and imprisoned. Thousands of Palestinians are kept imprisoned over a long period of time in appalling conditions and are subject to harsh inhuman treatment.  By doing so, the Zionist regime wants to intimidate the people of Palestine to not only accept a Zionist approved Government but also appoint Zionist approved people to that Government.

The Palestinian people are attacked daily, killed and injured by barbaric Israeli soldiers and their fighter jets. Palestine is the only land in the world that human rights are abused and violated 24 hours a day by Israel and globally no one nor any organisation objects to this heinous offence. The flag bearers claiming human rights have always stayed silent to these crimes. The US in particular encourages Israel to commit more crimes.

Israel’s nuclear weapons 

How does the world keep silent to this obvious oppression?  Why does the US provide the Zionist regime more than three billion dollars annually so that Israel can spend it to pound and kill Palestinians? Why does the US continuously supply Israel the arms and ammunition to kill Palestinians? Why is Israel the only major centre for storing and compiling nuclear weapons in the Middle East? Which countries are they targeting and planning to destroy with these nuclear bombs? Why do the Palestinians have to be in permanent siege by the Israel military and not have any contact with the outside world?  Why does Israel have the right to build a huge concrete wall and dare to hold the Palestinians in mass detention within their territories.  Why does the international community remain silent and ignore Israel’s inhuman acts and measures? Why should the defendants of Israelis continuous aggression of Palestine who call themselves as the international community, put an equal sign between the occupier and the occupied while they term the Palestinian resistance as terrorism?  What have they undertaken against Israeli’s Occupation and State terrorism?  Is this because they want to justify the occupation?

Supporters of terrorism

Similarly, why do they call the supporters of the oppressed Palestinians who have always protested the savagery and uninterrupted Israelis aggressions, as ‘the supporters of terrorism’?

Why is the US allowed to equip the killers of the Palestinians with the most advanced weapons of mass destruction, cluster bombs, drones, assassination and torture equipment, as well as, to provide them with the most state of the art technologies for production of weaponries? Should one still have to be silent? Do the Palestinians have even no right to shout against the Zionist Regime for its continuous oppression of their children and territories? Shouldn’t they organise an Intifada and public uprising against their enemy, and furthermore, use their power and lives for a legitimate and legal resistance?

What solution does the world think of as to prevent the constant and unstoppable massacre of innocent Palestinian women, children, elderlies and the youth? Should the Middle East countries always remain supporting the oppression and keep silent against the oppression of the oppressed?

Address the rights of the Palestinian people

Now that there is no forum or authority in the international system and in global relations to address the rights of the Palestinian people that has been constantly violated by Israeli authoritarian regime, what tools do exist for expressing dissatisfaction and extinguishing the fire of anger of the people around the globe toward the crimes of the Israeli apartheid regime?

Everyday mass Media, radio, television and Western Media publish news through which they try to justify the massacre of Palestinians. These Media, in support of Zionist regime’s crimes and atrocities, produce and publish some footage as saying, “some Palestinian terrorist killed by Israeli’s soldiers.” What we should do in this case? From which authority the innocent and homeless people of Palestine should ask the definition of the legal and judicial difference between” irresponsible terrorist”, as the Palestinian are characterised, and the characterisation of their killers as “responsible soldier”?

People in the world ask the US and Israel a major question as to why they and their supporters are busy dealing with concealing the principal necessity of the oppressed Palestinians’ defending their legitimate right?

UN’s role and responsibility

The oppressed also ask the UN that if its role and responsibility is to ensure peace and security, as mentioned in the charter of the organisation, why after almost 50 years, it could not become a fundamental power to ensure peace and security in the world, influenced by the unquestioned domination of countries with veto power at the Security Council? And, how is twhat all the resolutions passed by the UN Security Council that require the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from all of the occupied territories are thrown to the garbage with no fear of the UN reaction and no sign of implementation?  Why Israel has not signed any of the treaties on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT) and has not joined the NPT?  The answer is clear; because the US gives its full and comprehensive supports to Israel as the latter is the US biggest base and military connection in the Middle East for dominance over people of the region.

After so many years under Israel’s continuous attacks and oppressions, Palestinian people came to understand that they no longer could wait for internationally led actions to de-escalate the enemy’s crimes.  They have recognised the necessity to take action by themselves to stay safe from the Zionist enemy’s bombardments and shootings and to send out Israeli military from their home land. As an outcome, they formed a people resistance among themselves based on religious teachings and fight with Israel.

Useless powerful Governments

Palestinian people have understood that expecting powerful Governments to react or keep an eye on the assistances of Arab states have been useless.  They have also understood that the resolutions passed so far by the US security council to condemn Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians, in different times and years, could not get final approval only because of the US’s opposition and vetoing the resolutions. Thus, they began major Intifada with empty hands in order to take the control of their own destiny. Granting that, people around the globe also do not want to stay as an observer, watching the killing and massacre of the unarmed Palestinian people, rather they want to play their important role in supporting the Palestinian people.

Of course, the Muslims have a bigger responsibility and should find a functional permanent solution to end all roots of insecurity in the Middle East; World Al-Quds is the best opportunity for all the Muslims and freedom-seekers in the world, as well as, the Islamic countries to declare, through a ceremony, their international solidarity in supporting the legitimate and legal rights of the people of Palestine, and by joining each other, cut the hands of this occupier regime on the people of Palestine.

World Al-Quds is a day where the occupation of the Palestinian territories is introduced and called as an important “political challenge” and as the Islamic world’s top agenda. It is a day that all Muslims and the oppressed rush to the aid of their brothers and sisters in Palestine with unity and unison in order not to let Israel to continue the belligerent occupation of Palestinian territories aiming at weakening and destroying the Palestinian nation.

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By a Special Correspondent