Court bans Rasamanickam from staging protests


 Kaluwanchikudy Magistrate’s Court has banned Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP Shanakiyan Rasamanickam from staging protests against the Government.

Following a request by Kaluwanchikudy Police OIC, the Court banned Rasamanickam from staging protests and the Court Order was handed over to him by the Police yesterday (28).

The OIC of the Kaluwanchikudy Police complained that Rasamanickam was planning to lead a massive protest on Thursday (28) from Kaluwanchikudy to the Kalmunai Main Road,which could increase traffic congestion in the area. “Also, it will interrupt day-to-day activities and the general public will be forced to face inconveniences,”the OIC said and further mentioned that the situation could lead to a riot.

According to the notice, issued under section 160 (1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Rasamanickam has been asked not to conduct any activity which could disturb transport services and the general public for the next 14 days from the date the Court Order is issued. Under the order, the people who stand with him are also restricted from staging protests and harming public property.

Meanwhile, speaking to Ceylon Today, Rasamanickam noted that he didn’t know whom the Police meant by “the people who stand with him,”as all Sri Lankans stand with him.

“Everyone in the country is staging protests and the Kaluwanchikudy Police OIC has only banned me from protesting”.

He further questioned the Government,which follows the ‘One country one law’ policy, why they are only banning Tamil people from staging protests.

“The Police action is not acceptable as they have only restricted Kaluwanchikudy from staging protests whereas many people in the country are staging protests. The Government is trying to control the people through such activities. In addition, I have not planned to stage any protests till now and this order has provoked me to stage protests in the future. Until the President goes home, we will stage protests and we will provide our support to everyone”.

By Eunice Ruth