A totally hooked seafood experience


Our island nation is blessed with an abundance of fresh seafood. Totally Hooked is Colombo’s latest seafood restaurant. Inspired by the American and Singaporean seafood dishes, it’s a marriage between some classic American dishes and signature Singaporean flavours. They take pride in specialising in serving an array of seafood that is fresh from the ocean around Sri Lanka. The restaurant is conveniently located on the main road at W.A Silva Mawatha,
Colombo – 6.

The menu is quite simple and brief, this allows them to master each dish and not be over-complicated with too many options. They have carefully selected a mix of signature seafood options and some unique dishes. Going through the menu, it consisted of dishes such as mashed potatoes, Jamaican corn jerky, yam with dried shrimps, seafood salad, laksa, chilli crab, tuna steak and peri-peri prawns to name a few.

The restaurant is two stories and can fit about 60 people at a single seating, they also have a tiny outdoor dining area on the balcony. The cosy restaurant space is well utilised with white interior decor and seating arrangements. The ambience is homely and is perfect to dine in with your family and friends. The white walls are adorned in arts of marine life paired with tasteful decor and a minimalistic interior. Guests have a comfortable seating arrangement in the custom-designed banquettes. We at Ceylon Today were invited for an exclusive taste test.

I started with the yam and dried shrimps. The locally grown yam was fried to perfection, spiced with kochi, Thai paste and lemongrass with ample dried shrimps. It was quite unlike anything I have tasted before, I was pleasantly surprised and really liked the combination of yam and dried shrimp together.

I visited the restaurant during the time of Iftar (breaking of fast); so I also tried their Iftar special pack which consisted of a seafood kanji (porridge), tortilla wrap, seafood fried rice with king prawn, a water bottle and a beverage. The seafood kanji was spicy and hearty, the comforting flavours of the kanji reminded me of a luscious broth. The seafood fried rice was perfection; they had nailed the taste and seasonings! The giant king prawn was humongous and full of flavour.

Next, the peri-peri prawns consisted of tiger prawns marinated with spicy butter and garlic, grilled and served with a bed of butter rice and fries. The flavours were mild and simple and the prawn was cooked just right and was quite tasty.

The star dish was the chilli crab! I completely understand why this is their best seller and signature dish! The crab was served with fried montau buns (Chinese buns). The presentation is quite noteworthy with the crab being served in bags where you have to dump the crab out. The fresh crab was coated in a sweet, savoury, and spicy tomato-based sauce. The dish paired wonderfully with the deep-fried buns. Just remembering the taste makes my mouth salivate.

The gravy was an impeccable combination of spiciness, sweetness and saltiness, complementing so well with the soft montau buns. It was absolutely one of the best crab dishes I have had. The spice wasn’t overpowering like the classic crab curries, it was pleasurable and addictive. You can easily keep having more and it’s totally worth getting your hands all messy for!

Next, I opted for the Portuguese grill spread. It came with fresh prawns, crayfish, calamari and fish grilled to perfection and served with corn mushroom and spicy onion. The sauces were well infused with the seafood; it was rich in flavour and the seasonings came through. All the seafood was cooked to perfection in a thick sauce base; each bite was a burst of flavours on your tongue. The portion size was massive and easily shareable among three people.

The food at Totally Hooked is terrific! My standards for seafood are high and I can safely say that they delivered! The quality of the fish and taste is excellent, which is evidence proving that it’s fresh. They can easily give some of Sri Lanka’s proclaimed seafood restaurants a run for their money! All the dishes come in large portion sizes and they don’t skimp on the seafood! The best part is the pricing, although seafood is considered pricey, everything on their menu is extremely reasonable! The food arrived quite fast too. All in all, the food at Totally Hooked is delicious and something I could wholeheartedly recommend for all seafood lovers! It’s definitely worth drop by!

By Shafiya Nawzer