‘Transparent governance vital’


A multidisciplinary group of independent professionals emphasised the importance of establishing a transparent government procurement process under an interim government to ensure accountability in a series of proposals made to party leaders to overcome the current crisis.

In a letter to party leaders, they called for the appointment of a group of experts with core competencies in economic management to advise the Government on the steps to be taken to revive the economy of the country.

They further urged for elections to be held (Presidential and Parliamentary as appropriate) within a maximum period of one year and for Constitutional amendments as necessary reflecting the will of the people.

Focusing on the need for prompt establishment of an interim government comprising a new Prime Minister and Cabinet, the professionals noted that the Cabinet should be limited to 18 essential portfolios along with an equal number of deputy ministers, representing all political parties.

It was further noted that the Interim Government should operate for a maximum period of one year while those holding portfolios in the Interim Cabinet should have adequate and appropriate educational qualifications and specialised skills required to hold the respective portfolios and should be persons of the highest integrity while adding that MPs on the National List should be encouraged to resign as necessary, to pave way for professionals/experts of the highest integrity to be represented in the Interim government.

“As a priority during the period of the interim government, action should be taken to rescind the 20th Amendment to the Constitution and to reintroduce the provisions of the 19th Amendment with necessary amendments addressing the democratic way of governance,” they said adding that persons with the highest integrity and ability should be appointed to the Independent Commissions immediately upon the reintroduction of the 19th Amendment.

By Faadhila Thassim