President’s ad-hoc decisions on wrong advice – MCPA


The Medical and Civil Rights Professional Association of Doctors (MCPA) submitting a letter to the President stressed that the ongoing political instability had contributed directly to its economic meltdown.

They have pointed out that the inability of the Government headed by the President to maintain a stable administration within the past 24-month period had paved the way for the country’s myriad of problems.

They observed that those advising the President had duped the latter big time resulting in the President taking ad-hoc decisions such as making Cabinet appointments or even Cabinet reshuffles sans any scientific reasoning.

The MCPA has emphasised that the power struggle within the Government had reached a head resulting in burning issues of the masses being put to the back burner and noted that as things stand currently, the President and the Government had clearly shown their ineptitude in resolving the problems facing the public.

They stated that as a result the entire country had now come to the point of demanding the resignation of the President, PM and the Cabinet paving the way for the formation of an All Party administration till such time an Election could be held.

The MCPA has further added that any further delay on the part of the President, PM and the Government to urgently address the pressing issues of the masses could lead to unexpected consequences to both the people and the country whilst being branded as a failed State in the eyes of the rest of the world.