Estate trade unions join strike – Vadivel Suresh


 The Lanka Jathika Estate Workers’ Union, Workers National Front, and Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) will join the trade union strike today (28).

 General Secretary of the Lanka Jathika Estate Workers’ Union, Vadivel Suresh said “The cost of living has rapidly increased and that ‘political dramas’ in the island have begun. As responsible citizens, we must oppose such action and as a result, the country’s trade unions have decided to strike against the Government. Plantation workers and everyone else should join the strike to send this Government packing,” he said.

Furthermore, citizens were advised to display a black flag in front of their homes on May Day to express their displeasure with the Government, he added.

Meanwhile, TPA MP Mano Ganesan said the Government has destroyed the country and the economy. People are protesting today to send the Government, as well as the President and Prime Minister, home. “People  are screaming ‘Gota Go Home’ to send the leaders and Government packing. However, the President believes that people urge him to rest because he is tired of his work,” he said.

Ganesan said they must resign immediately and return all stolen funds to the public.

In addition, he also urged tea, rubber, and other estate workers to participate in the strike and stand against the Government.  

 Deputy Leader of the Tamil Progressive Alliance and Leader of Workers National Front MP, Palani Digambaram said citizens are finding it difficult to live due to the current crisis in the country. Estate workers earn a minimum amount as their daily wage. However, prices of essential commodities have increased drastically and for normalcy to return send this Government home, we need to stand together today in the strike, he said.  

 “Without making any amendments to the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, the 20th Amendment should be abolished,” Digambaram further  said.

BY Eunice Ruth