Dental surgeons to hold token strike


Islandwide dental surgeons would join over 1,000 trade unions in demanding President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Government listen to the voice of the people and step down.

Secretary of the Government Dental Surgeons Association (GDSA), Dr. Vipula Wickremasinghe, speaking to the media yesterday (27) said his outfit would hold a 24-hour token strike today (28) starting 8:00 a.m. However, emergency services won’t be impacted. The ‘Apeksha’ Hospital for cancer patients, Women’s Hospitals, and emergency surgeries won’t be affected as well.  He said parallel to the token strike, the GDSA would hold a protest march to Galle Face, beginning from near the National Dental Hospital Colombo at 12:00 p.m. “All this time we have protested and struck making demands for our service. But this time we are solely demanding that the President and the Rajapaksa Government step down, paving the way for someone who can salvage the country.”

GDSA President, Dr. Ananda Ratnayake accused the Government of having failed to take timely action from the 2020, 2021 pandemic period. “The delay in importing Covid-19 vaccines paved the way for long lockdowns and key government figures throwing clay pots into rivers. They promoted various tonics to cure coronavirus.”

He lambasted the Government for having followed unscientific policies in its attempt to force farmers into using organic fertiliser, giving extreme tax concessions to friends in importing and paying for a ship of fertiliser from China. “Such bad economic policies have paved the way for the present crisis, where people have no food, milk, gas, fuel, and pharmaceuticals. It has also paved the way for price hikes of all essential commodities.”

“President Rajapaksa and his government must go and the people including all professionals are ready to protest and agitate in this regard,” he added. Over 1,000 trade unions, government, semi-government and private sector health services would stage a one-day token strike today (28) demanding the President and the Rajapaksa Government step down and make room for the Opposition and other parties to form an Interim Government till the 21st Amendment is introduced and a proper transition of power could take place, President of the College of Medical Laboratory Science Sri Lanka (CMLSSL) Ravi Kumudesh said.     

By Dilanthi Jayamanne