CWC to don black bands to support strike


 The CWC will support the strike today (28) by wearing black bands at work, said CWC Leader,  Senthil Thondaman.

 Addressing a media briefing yesterday (27), he said the Trade Union Coordinating Centre (TUCC) has organised a strike today to protest against the Government’s recent price increases on essential commodities. He also stated that the decision to support the TUCC strike was made last week after several discussions with CWC members.

 “The CWC will support the strike; however, we will not stop work and take to the streets, because estate workers rely on their daily wages and taking to the streets will disrupt their lives. We will engage in a strike if the strike is against estate management or plantation companies. However, this strike is not against them, but against the Government, which is making public lives more difficult by the day. As a result, we will strongly support the TUCC in the strike,” said Thondaman.

 While commenting on the interim government, he said the reason to propose an interim government is to improve the country’s current situation.

“Thus, those being selected for the interim government should propose an economic revival plan which will contribute to the recovery of the country. This plan should be workable for every sector. The CWC will look into the proposed plans and if it is practically possible, we will decide to support them on this count. The CWC will support any government which will do its best for the country and its citizens,” he stated.  

 The CWC suggested that subject experts from the National List should be included in the interim government as their decisions could contribute at least 50 per cent to the recovery of the country.

 “We have not organised a May Day rally, but CWC members will gather to discuss measures to uplift the lives of estate workers. It will be held in Kotagala this year,” he said. 

By Eunice Ruth