Bakery product prices out of control


Due to the recent price increase of LP gas, All Island Canteen Owners’ Association (AICOA) has decided to let canteen and restaurant owners decide prices of products according to the situation.

AICOA Chairman, Asela Sampath speaking to Ceylon Today, requested the Government to cut down on unnecessary allowances and salaries of State appointees, including Litro chairman and Board of Directors by 75 per cent, to give relief to the canteen industry since 50 per cent of canteens and restaurants have closed due to the economic crisis.

“The gas price hike has heavily impacted people’s means to buy food. People have to think many times before buying food. Therefore, we should look for alternatives. With the current situation in the country, gas has become a prime commodity. If we increase prices, it will affect all canteen food items; from plain tea, snacks to lunch packets,” Sampath said.

He further emphasised that public sector officials such as Litro chairman should contribute when gas companies are running at a loss. Sampath also said AICOA will organise a massive protest, in the near future, against public sector officials who are being paid high salaries and allowances.

By Nabiya Vaffoor