Sritharan slams Govt over poor economic management


The lack of proper economic policies is the major reason for the current situation and the incumbent Government along with the President should implement a proper and long-term economic policy with the help of professionals and subject experts, to overcome the current situation, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Jaffna District MP S. Sritharan said.

 He said that Sri Lanka’s economic policies should be changed immediately and a new system must be introduced. 

“The depth of the crisis is not being properly examined by the incumbent Government and they should step down and let others resolve the crisis responsibly”. Speaking to Ceylon Today, he said the situation in the country is becoming worse and the people are suffering without a way to survive.

“As a result, most of the citizens are legally flying to other countries to earn and settle, whereas some poor people illegally cross the country’s borders to survive. Previously, only the Tamil community in the country was affected due to attacks. However, the country’s present situation has affected everyone mentally, financially, and physically including the Sinhalese community. As a nation, people should stand against the Government and the President and they want the current leaders to go home. However, even after two weeks of continuous protest, no decision has been taken and the Government should consider the demands of the general public. Resignation of the President is the only possible solution to overcome all existing crises. Now, even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is considering assisting Sri Lanka and we have not received any green signal from them till today. The dominance of Army officials in the country should be completely eliminated and respective officials need to be assigned to each and every sector. The demands of the general public should be fulfilled along with the help of international countries,” said Sritharan. 

 Meanwhile, he said that the TNA has organised a public event at Kilinochchi on 1 May to celebrate May Day.

“In Sri Lanka, the needs and the efforts of labourers are not being recognised properly and they are forced to face a lot of troubles, including the fuel crisis. The major aim of the event is to address the concerns of the labourers in the country and we will stand for the rights of labourers”.

By Eunice Ruth