PetroChina shipped 73,000 MT of fuel to CPC


China has aided Sri Lanka in numerous ways that cannot be quantified, however, it was reiterated that the most significant assistance was provided between July 2021 and January 2022, when Beijing’s PetroChina shipped 73,000 MT of diesel and fuel to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC), with US$ 400 million payments owed to PetroChina.

PetroChina is the biggest petroleum company in the world and 19 ships of fuel and diesel were shipped and only seven shiploads weresettled and 12 shipments’ payment is pending, Chinese Ambassador Qi Zhenhong said on Monday (25).

“I am not here to embarrass our Sri Lankan friends, but it comes as part of China’s support for Sri Lanka and I am sharing this information,” the Envoy said.

According to him, it was under the Letter of Credit from Bank of Ceylon and People’s Bank and another US$ 390 million is pending.

“It’s unfair that foreign media is saying China betrayed Sri Lanka and the financial crisis started several years ago,” the Envoy reiterated.

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan