GNOA to strike tomorrow


The Government Nursing Officers’ Association (GNOA) will stand against the incumbent Government and as a sign, it has organised a trade union strike tomorrow (28) and all Government, private and semi-government staff will participate in it, Chairman of the GNOA and National Trade Union Front (NTUF) Saman Rathnapriya said.

He said the Government is responsible for the ongoing crises and citizens were forced to struggle. “The Government should step down immediately,” he stressed.

“Citizens have the right to protest against injustices in the country and the present situation has made people take to the streets and fight for their rights,” he said.  He alleged that both the Mirihana and Rambukkana clashes between protesters and Police were well-planned, and the Government and the Police should take responsibility.

“In the Mirihana incident, it is very clear that the Police have not taken any steps to prevent the clash and in the Rambukkana incident, video evidence shows Police have started it. The Government and the leaders wanted to disperse the people gathering, to save themselves. They planned and executed both incidents to scare protesters. However, the Government and the President had the power to resolve the issues peacefully without escalating it into a riot,” claimed Rathnapriya.

By Eunice Ruth