Shanakiyan compares Govt to leeches


TNA MP R. Shanakiyan yesterday (25) claimed that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s Government is plundering the country’s resources, like leeches sucking blood from the body, causing severe disruption to the lives of ordinary Sri Lankans.

Shanakiyan went on to say the President’s family has been settling their own loans under the guise of paying off foreign loans by plundering the public’s wealth and selling the country’s resources.

He also claimed the country had USD 6 billion in reserves when the current Government took power. “Allegations have been levelled that the funds were given to a person close to the Rajapaksa family, despite the fact that they are aware that the country would face an economic crisis and a severe shortage of essentials as a result.

The Batticaloa District has one Cabinet Minister and two State Ministers today. At a time when MPs sent to Parliament by a majority of people in the country refuse to obtain ministerial positions, it’s amusing that some of our people have gone behind the Government to take up ministerial posts,” Shanakiyan added referring to three Tamil MPs who accepted State Ministerial portfolios recently.

By Naalir Jamaldeen