Sajith urges Speaker to convene Party Leaders’ meeting


Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa has urged the Speaker to convene a Party Leaders’ Meeting at the earliest to press ahead with the 21st Amendment which his party has handed over to the Speaker.

The Opposition Leader, in his letter to the Speaker, has further observed the latter should also summon officials from the AG’s Department, including the AG, as well as those from the Legal Draftsman’s Department to further streamline its activities.

Premadasa added there was no time to be wasted on the matter and had noted that it was the duty of Parliament to act swiftly, considering the country’s precarious situation.

Premadasa explained that the entire country was fixated on Parliament, to see whether pressing issues would be resolved.

Meanwhile, in response to Premadasa’s letter, the Speaker said the amendments presented by both the SJB and 40 ruling party MPs who became independent have been submitted to the Secretary of the Cabinet and the Attorney General.

“It is said the amendments will be discussed by Cabinet. Following this, the Secretary of the Cabinet is legally bound to submit them to the AG. This is the fastest way to get it passed in Parliament than a Private Member Bill,” he said.

By Nirmani Guneratne