Sainthamaruthu remains to be exhumed


The remains buried at the Ampara cemetery of those who were killed in the 2019 bomb explosion in Sainthamaruthu will be exhumed tomorrow (27) for re-examination of DNA.

The exhumation process will be carried out in the presence of the Ampara magistrate with the participation of the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO), police officers who were involved in the initial investigations and government analysts.

Investigators intend to find out whether Pulasthini Mahendran alias Sara Jasmine is among those who died.

A few days after the 2019 Easter Sunday terror attacks, Zahran Hashim’s brother, Mohamed Rilwan detonated a suicide bomb killing 17 people including children.

However, DNA tests at the time did not confirm the presence of DNA belonging to Sarah Jasmine.

Translated by: Dilini Madushanki