RJL endorses Ranil as capable leader


Rakimu Jayathu Lanka (RJL) President, retired Naval Engineer, Hiran de Silva yesterday (25) claimed that an internationally recognised leadership is crucial to rebuild the country from the dangerous economic and political crisis it is plunged into.

“UNP Leader, former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is the only capable personality and his knowledge and experience must be made use for the better future of this country as well as its citizens”.

Doctors, engineers and educationists were present at the media briefing organized by the RJL in Colombo yesterday. 

“The shortage of dollars has become a major talking point today. At the same time discussions are being held to obtain the assistance of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to resolve the economic issue in the country. Even though discussions are held with the IMF, the question raised by them is whether the Government has the ability to pay off the loan.

But, unfortunately, as professionals we are not impressed with the way we are going to negotiate with the IMF without being able to repay the loan. We believe that the possibility to get the loan is less than 50 percent. The Government can build up trust by repaying the loan only by cutting down unwanted expenses. But such symptoms are not seen today. There is unwanted number of ministers in the recently appointed cabinet. A huge amount of state fundsare spent on them. A smaller cabinet must be appointed,”De Silva said.

He added that according to the Constitution, there is room to appoint capable personalities through the national list to find solution to the burning economic crisis. “The national list had not been made use in the history of Sri Lanka so far. This system was used when late Minister Lakshman Kadirkamar was appointed.

Unfortunately we don’t have a good economy or good policy. It has turned to be a tragic situation today”.

By Naalir Jamaldeen