Chinese investors dissatisfied – Envoy


The cancellation of three hybrid solar power projects in the Northern Province ‘due to foreign pressure’ has left investors and Sri Lanka’s image in a bad light, Chinese Ambassador in Colombo, Qi Zhenhong said.

Addressing a select group of senior journalists yesterday (25) Zhenhong added that Beijing wants the country’s participation to be mutually beneficial, adding that Chinese companies and entrepreneurs come to Sri Lanka to do business and build the country but also want a reasonable profit.

He also said that Eastern Province Governor Anuradha Yahampath approached them for assistance, foreign direct investments, and infrastructure development.

“When we met the Governor on Sunday (24), she invited Chinese investors to come to the Eastern Province for business and investment. But, we did the feasibility studies for the three projects in the islands in Jaffna and that was scrapped due to external pressure.

“I mentioned about the mini power plant in the northern islands. The Chinese companies have one suggestion for Sri Lanka,” the envoy continued, stating that they said ‘never let foreign pressure apply pressure on Sri Lanka’. 

“Chinese investors say projects can get suspended in Sri Lanka last minute, and this has heavily damaged investor confidence and the business image of the country to the outside world.”

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan


  1. The very best help that China can do to help Sri lanka and itself is just stay out of the way. The people have had enough of corrupt and repressive regimes. As China is THE de-facto model for just these types of regimes getting back home behind the wall would be their best option.

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