Abolish Executive Presidency – Harsha


Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Dr. Harsha De Silva urged the Government and President to abolish the Executive Presidency immediately and bring power back to Parliament while stating that those responsible for the current crisis must be held accountable as it is criminal negligence.

“Prices of fuel have increased yet again, and IOC states that it is a consequence of the rupee depreciating by 60 per cent in the last month alone. They are correct, as the rupee ought to have been devalued systematically. The dollar which was held at Rs 200 LKR is now selling at Rs 349 at banks and as high as Rs 410 in the black market,” he noted.

While questioning on how the public could survive at this rate, he added 22 million people are suffering due to inconsiderate policy errors.

“Furthermore, when the Government was readying to pay USD 500 Million in International Sovereign Bond (ISB) payments in January, I strongly advised the Government against it, as we would run out of money to finance our essential imports. However, the Government was determined to make the payment,” he added.

He further said, “I later revealed that a scam had been committed as (ISBs) worth USD 1,000 were sold at a 50 per cent discount for USD 500 to crony businessmen. Moreover, the cronies that purchased these ISBs made a 300-400 per cent in just quarterly interest revenue. Thus, I urged the then Minister of Justice, Ali Sabry, to immediately investigate this, however, nothing came out of this”.

He said there has to be a forensic audit on this to find out who decided to make such a reckless payment and who benefitted while adding that the people responsible need to be behind bars for steering Sri Lanka into the largest and most disastrous socio-economic crisis since independence.