Principals, teachers to strike today


Teachers and principals of government schools will go on strike today (25) in support of protesters who have been protesting in Gota Go Gama for more than 15 days, demanding an immediate solution to the country’s political and economic crisis.

Ceylon Teachers Union (CTU) General Secretary, Joseph Stalin said all the problems faced by the public were caused by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa as he was responsible for all the wrong decisions taken by the Government.

“The fuel price increase has an impact on teachers. We have to travel to school daily and the recent fuel price increases have resulted in significant travel costs. The longer this Government is in power, the more the public will have to deal with day-to-day issues,” he added. He said, despite all this, it is wrong of the Government to still cling to power through political games.

Meanwhile, the Teachers and Principals Trade Union Collective issuing a statement said in a bid to address this situation, a request was directed to the Ministry of Education to direct children to study at the nearest school to their homes and to deploy teachers to the nearest school as well, which was denied by the authorities. The Collective said as a result, teachers and principals across the country will engage in a strike action tomorrow demanding justice amidst the difficulties that have arisen.

BY Nabiya Vaffoor