President responds to Chief Prelates, expresses willingness to form Interim Govt


President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has replied to the letter sent by the Chief Prelates of the Three Buddhist Chapters dated 20 April, pertaining to resolving the ongoing crisis.

In his letter, Rajapaksa assured that the proposals put forward by the Chief Prelates on both 04 and 20 April have not gone unheard, adding that he supports both, the establishment of an Interim Government and abolishment of the 20th Amendment.

“I am committed to stabilizing democracy in the country. I would like to mention that I would support the repealing of the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, which you have mentioned, if any action is taken in Parliament in this regard and would like to kindly remind you that such an amendment should be made jointly by the President and Parliament.

It is also regrettable that so far there has been no positive response to the invitation extended to all political parties seeking their contribution to the All-Party Conference to find a lasting solution to the present situation in the country, and to the sincere request for assistance in liberating the country from its current position by accepting Ministerial portfolios. Nevertheless, I would like to inform you that my invitation remains the same for all political parties”, the letter read in this regard.

Rajapaksa further assured that several steps have already been taken to address the economic crisis in the country.

I am aware of the dire living conditions the people are facing. I beg to inform you that I am working with the Cabinet with expert assistance, based on daily statistics and data”, he said.

Attached below is the relevant letter: