CID to record Kegalle SSP’s statement


The CID is expected to record a statement from the Kegalle SSP regarding the fatal Police shooting in Rambukkana last week.

According to internal sources, the investigation is being led by DIG in charge of the CID, W. Thilakaratne, and the team has already begun work in Rambukkana.

The IGP has also instructed the CID to submit an interim report in three days.

The SSP Kegalle has said he gave orders to open fire below the knees of the protesters who allegedly attempted to set fire to a fuel bowser in Rambukkana.

The case pertaining to the fatal Police shooting in Rambukkana was taken up for hearing before the Kegalle Magistrate’s Court on 22 April for the third consecutive day.

During the proceedings, the investigation team led by the SSP of Sitawaka Police area said statements have been recorded from 51 civilians so far. The team also presented CCTV footage pertaining to the incident.

It was revealed that the Kegalle Police Station had issued four T-56 firearms with 30 rounds of ammunition for each weapon to control the tense situation. All weapons in question were produced in Court.

When the Magistrate inquired whether investigators were able to find the suspect who attempted to set fire to the fuel bowser, Police responded saying the person in question is yet to be located.

BY Chamara Amarasooriya