Ven. Siridhamma Thera hospitalised


The National Hospital Colombo on Friday (22) said Ven. Therapehe Siridhamma Thera, who engaged in a fast unto death at Galle Face, had been admitted to the Emergency Treatment Unit of the Hospital.

Sources of the Hospital said the Venerable Thera, who was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, had been admitted to the Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU) due to dehydration. He was unresponsive to treatment at the time. Subsequently, however, his condition had improved and he was transferred to a ward. 

Ven. Siridhamma Thera had been engaged in a fast unto death for the past five days at Galle Face, demanding the Rajapaksa Government resign. He was rushed to hospital when his condition deteriorated. 

Meanwhile, more members of the Buddhist clergy including Ven. Malambe Seelarathana Thera and Ven. Matara Vimaladeeva Thera took on the protest.

Ven. Seelarathana Thera warned that they will not stop until they achieve their goal. He observed that Ven. Siridhamma Thera would continue fasting after his recovery.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne and Kanchana Kolagolla


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