Turning jack leaves into dollars


How many jack leaves have fallen on to your garden? Did you know that these leaves could generate dollars?

Jack trees are also called ‘rice trees’ in Sri Lanka and one can be found in almost every garden. However, people are not reaping the benefits of trading jack leaves. This is due to lack of awareness. When we sweep away jack leaves, we are throwing away money. An exporter of jack leaves and a lecturer at eClub Business College, who is a top-rated seller on eBay, Ishara Madushanka, shared his business experience with Ceylon Today. He said he could earn nearly US$ 1,500 per month by selling jack leaves.


You should start by downloading an online buying and selling application which is with international reach. Then, by creating advertisements, you can market your products. After contacting the customer, you can send products by post. The money is then deposited to your bank account.

Use of jack leaves

Even though we knew the benefits of jackfruit, some of the lesser known benefits of jack leaves will amaze you. Dried jack leaves are used as fish food in countries like the USA, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Russia and Kuwait. According to Madushanka, there is a huge market for jack leaves in aquariums. Jack leaves can also be mixed with tea powder and it is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. It controls diabetes and blood pressure.

How to launch business        

There are a few steps to follow when launching the business. First, the jack leaves need to be dried well, either under sunlight or under an LED light. Madushanka said, he dries them under a ring light for about an hour. After drying them, the leaves should be packed well, so that they don’t get damaged.

How to learn the process

When Ceylon Today contacted Madushanka, a YouTuber who specialises in methods of selling jack leaves, he spoke about two methods that we can follow. They were, ‘dropshipping’ and ‘direct shipping.’

Dropshippers are the sellers who list others products while keeping a small profit. They can list their items in selling apps, and then they get the order from the customer and send the details to the seller. Dropshippers act as intermediaries between sellers and customers. On the other hand, ‘direct shipping’ means connecting the customer directly. After settling the payments, you can send the items by post or through any courier service. Madushanka said the price can be set considering the amount of leaves or according to the weight. “I sell 100g for US$ 15.75, but it can be changed according to the seasons.”

How it benefits the seller and the country

Shouldn’t you put in a small effort to collect jack leaves and generate dollars, instead of sweeping them away? Your beginnings will be humble, but your future will be prosperous. You can end up generating employment opportunities and earning much-needed foreign exchange for your country.

Why people are giving up

“When using an online buying and selling app, there are some dos and don’ts. Failure to follow guidelines may result in your account being suspended. That is why most people give up. You need to be honest. I have been doing this business for about one and a half years and I earn over US$ 1,000 a month,” Madushanka said.

He warned that failing to deliver on time, getting negative feedback, connection problems, using public Wi-Fi, or using one Wi-Fi router to handle multiple accounts may result in your account being suspended. He also said if sellers are able to provide quality products and good customer service, they can succeed in this dried jack leaves business.

By Kanchana Kolagolla