The Horses


When time ago, there were 10 horses in the same family they are very kind and polite. Their parents love these ten kids. They live in the meadow near the forest. One day they were playing in the meadow, in that time they heard koha shouting .Then they know that the Sinhala New Year is coming soon after that they plan for the New Year festival.

On that day, first event is run via forest. Here, they gathered other friends like cow, lion, tiger and so on. Get set, ready ,go they started their race. Ten horses participated and all other animals ran in front. Suddenly little horse fell in to the hole. But others don’t know that he fell down the hole .They were running their race. He cannot come out of the hole. His stomach stuck a rock after finishing the race. They did not find the little horse.

They searched in the hole when the little horse shouting loudly from the hole. A farmer in the paddy heard it, then he came near the hole and rescued the little horse’s life. Then he put on the medicine until he was cured. Other horses and friends were very sad and they were searching everywhere. After four days, the farmer brought that horse near the forest. In that time horse was shouting. The parents heard it and they came immediately to that place. The kid horse rotated his tail and thanked the farmer. He went there with his parents, after that the little horse met his brothers and sisters. They were very happy.

By Jalana Sineth Ukwatta