Professionals guild demands President resign


Direction Sri Lanka – Independent Professionals for the Nation have insisted that the President resign forthwith in response to the demands of the people.

By releasing a statement with proposals, the professionals have introduced some actions to be taken immediately.

In the announcement, they have claimed that the President should resign and an interim national government should be formed immediately.  Thereby a new Prime Minister and a Cabinet limited to 18 essential portfolios along with an equal number of Deputy Ministers, representing all political parties should also be formed.

As a priority during the period of the interim national government, action should be taken to rescind the 20th Amendment to the Constitution and to reintroduce the provisions of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution with necessary amendments addressing the democratic way of governance, it was stated.

“We call upon the Government and the Opposition to take concerted action to ensure that the foregoing is implemented immediately,” they stated.