NCM, impeachment will be handed to Speaker soon – Ganesan


 The No-Confidence Motion (NCM) against the Government and the impeachment against the President will be handed over to the Speaker soon, said the Leader of Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) SJB MP Mano Ganesan.

 Addressing a media briefing held on Friday (22), he noted that, after handing over the NCM, people will be able to clearly identify those who still support President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the ones who stand against him.

 “If people have the right to select leaders and parliament members, likewise, they also have the right and power to change them. Also, the selected 225 members are caretakers of the country and not the owners. If the public is not comfortable with the service provided by the Government and 225 members, they have the power to change all 226 including the President. In this situation, everyone should get united as Sri Lankans without considering religion and languages,” said Ganesan.

 He further said that the opposition has recently presented a draft 21st Constitutional Amendment Bill with proposals including the abolition of the current executive presidential system to the Secretary-General of Parliament. Accordingly, by abolishing the executive presidential system, we need to implement a Council of State where we can let trade unions, youth and women take part in the country’s political system, except for the 225 members. Also, the council of state should interfere before taking any decisions regarding proposals and others. We have also submitted several proposals to make changes in the system, he added.

By Eunice Ruth