NCM delayed on my advice – Ranil


UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe on Friday (22), claimed that it was he who requested other Opposition parties to delay bringing a No-Confidence Motion (NCM) against the Government.

He said so in response to Leader of the House Dinesh Gunawardena, who queried as to why the Opposition failed to present the NCM as planned earlier.

Gunawardena: “The Opposition said a NCM would be brought against the Government. Many days have elapsed. Where is your NCM?”

Wickremesinghe: “This is not a good time to bring an NCM against the Government. First, the Finance Minister should speak in the House regarding the progress with the IMF. He is still in Washington to engage in discussions with the IMF. So, I requested the Opposition to delay the NCM as it is not good timing. After the Finance Minister’s statement, we can get together and discuss what should be done.”

By Gagani Weerakoon and Methmalie Dissanayake