An Unforgettable Day in My Life


One bright Monday morning, me and three of my friends were on our way to school, Then suddenly Luzy shouted “guys there is a blue hole” we all looked on the right to our surprise there was a big blue hole. Then Tanya suggested “come on let’s go inside” but I and Sophie refused but they wouldn’t give up both of them pulled us and pushed us into that hole and they too jumped in. After sometime we woke up. We all woke up in an unknown island, all of us were staring at each other in shock. Then Sophie started complaining “I told you people, but you all refused to listen to me now see where it all has ended up”, Tanya said” now let’s see what we have to do next, no use of complaining”. So we decided to go inside the huge island.

After sometime Tanya bumped into something it was a door, I opened it and we all went and ended up in huge dark room, then a bag fell from somewhere it had few torch lights, some food, few bottle of water. Sophie switched on the torch and we had some food and we all heard a voice and the voice said “there are four doors, you all have to select any one and the one you select will decide whether you all will go home or no” and the voice disappeared, we all stood up and walked towards the door while Sophie was crying like a baby. We convinced her and Luzy selected the second door and she was super confident she said that it’s this door for sure so we opened that door and went inside.

We were finally in the island, we were a little bit relieved then suddenly a man appeared he was very terrifying, he had a dark skin tone and was all dressed up in leaves and also had some strange drawings on his body and he also had a crown on his head which was made with leaves and he also had a long stick in his hand, he came near us and asked “how did you all come here?” Then Tanya told him what happened to us. Then he said “my name is sphen, I am living here more than 50 years,” and he continued “I will help you all to reach home safely just do what I say,” then Luzy mocked “we don’t do what our parents say, why should we do what you say.” sphen stared at her while he chanted something after a while, a map, and a key appeared on his hands he gave them to Tanya and said there is a tunnel this map will help you all reach that tunnel use this key to open the tunnel’s door and with a huge grin on his face he disappeared.

As per his instructions we walked few miles then we found a huge tunnel, Tanya shouted in excitement “that was it, it’s the tunnel” all were very happy but when we went closer to the tunnel a huge spider appeared it seems like a poisonous one, it had a huge gold crown on its head, it came near us and started speaking we were all shocked to see a spider talking. The spider said “l am the guardian of this tunnel without that mysterious key you cannot enter the tunnel” and when Tanya showed him the key he welcomed us into the tunnel he opened the tunnel for us and let us in and he said “be careful” and he vanished.

We went inside the tunnel and after sometime we saw a old lady, she came near us with a plate of cookies and tea she asked us to have some but Tanya said “we are not hungry” then the old lady stood up with a huge grin on her face, her skin colour started to change it turned into white colour with some cracks on it and her nails started growing longer, Luzy shouted “OMG, she is not a human she is a ghost, everyone run” We all ran for our lives and after running for sometime I turned behind to see but no one was there all my friends were missing then that old lady appeared she started to chase me I was scared, tears started rolling down my cheeks, my heart started pounding.

I was running when I tripped onto something and fell so hard to the ground and she appeared she said “I will not leave you no matter how fast you run”. I sat there starting at her as she came near me with a sword in her hand she raised her hand to kill me and I screamed loudly and my mom woke me up and she asked why was I screaming then I realised it was a nightmare and when I was about to go back to sleep, she was sitting on a chair in my bedroom.

To be continued…

By Amra Nazar