Activists protest illegal road through Sinharaja


Environmentalists charged that an illegal seven km stretch of road is currently being built from the Henwatta Junction to a hotel situated near the top of Gongala Mountain, in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve.

They alleged that the hotel, which is owned by a relative of a powerful government politician, is being maintained under the name of a servant of the politician’s family.

This particular hotel is situated at the Kolonna Divisional Secretariat and its road stretches via the Hadapan Ella, Morning Side, Gongala and Ensalwatta areas.

According to environmentalists the carpeting work on the road leading up to the hotel has already commenced.

Environmentalist Sajeewa Chamikara alleged that no legal approval has been sought to carry out the construction work of the road stretch which runs across the Sinharaja Forest and nearby forest reservations.

By Vineetha M. Gamage