13A must be applied, Devananda says


Fisheries Minister and EPDP Leader Douglas Devananda says that despite whatever amendments are included into the country’s Constitution, the 13th Amendment to the Constitution should be implemented in its original form. He had made this remark during the recent meeting held by a group of Government MPs with the Prime Minister at the Parliament Complex.

The EPDP Leader had pointed out that there is currently a huge debate over the abolishment of the Executive Presidency and noted that even the current President has expressed his own willingness towards it.

However, the Minister had added that former Opposition Leader late A. Amirthalingam as well as Ex-Minister late A. H. M. Ashraff who had both represented minorities had been of the view that the maintenance of the Executive Presidency had been to their wellbeing.

Devananda said the EPDP believes that whatever modifications are introduced to the Constitution, the 13th Amendment to the Constitution should not be tampered with under any circumstance.

By M. S. Farook