Waiting patiently for gas, petrol!


Waiting in a queue for petrol and domestic LP gas for long periods under the scorching sun has become a daily occurrence in the Ampara District these days. According to the public, even if they go for these two essential items early in the morning, they are not guaranteed of getting the items.

Power cuts and a lack of supplies are said to exacerbate the situation at times. These two photographs  were clicked at the Alayadivembu Petrol Shed while the other was taken when the public was standing in a long line for gas at the Alayadivembu Dharmasankari playground.

Despite the fact that announcements were made for people to come to the grounds to get gas, they were disappointed because the supplier did not show up on the day. As a result, they parked their vehicles the day before to ensure fuel, while many people in the area switched to firewood rather than waiting in a long line and being disappointed.

Text and Pic by M.A.P. Deen (Ampara Correspondent)