US Ambassador promises IMF endorsement – – Radhakrishnan


Leader of the Up-Country People’s Front Dr. V. Radhakrishnan said that US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chung has promised to recommend that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) assist Sri Lanka in overcoming the current economic crisis.

 Dr. Radhakrishnan noted that his party had recently met Ambassador Chung to discuss Sri Lanka’s current situation.

“The citizens are experiencing numerous inconveniences as a result of the Government’s irresponsible actions and the US Ambassador promised that she will urge the IMF to assist Sri Lanka solely for the benefit of its citizens. We also discussed the critical need for Sri Lankan leaders and the Government to chart a course towards long-term economic recovery,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Chung urged forces not to intervene in democratic public protests, and emphasised that citizens have the fundamental right to stage peaceful protests.

 Radhakrishnan added that the issues of plantation workers, as well as the North and East Tamil-speaking communities, were also discussed during the meeting and that the US envoy has assured that she would make the necessary arrangements to assist and support those communities.

Tamil Progressive Alliance leader MP Mano Ganesan also participated in the meeting.

By Eunice Ruth