UNP condemns Rambukkana shooting


By Naalir Jamaldeen

Commenting on Police shooting protesters in Rambukkana, UNP Assistant Leader Akila Viraj Kariyawasam on 20 April said killing a family man and critically injuring several others was a cause for concern.

“A terrible situation has erupted in the country; the Police and other security officials on the scene must treat protesters humanely”.

Kariyawasam said the public would suffer greatlyif the situation persists and added that Sri Lanka’s democracy as well as the fundamental rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution will be called into question.

“Sri Lanka will be further isolated at international level and democratic countries that respect human rights will not recognise such inhuman activities”, he said.

While speaking to the media at Sirikotha, Kariyawasam stated that the Government must allow democratic protests and accept them as the fundamental right of the people.

“Certain factions are attempting to gain political mileage from the tragic incident that occurred in Rambukkana on 19 April. They can be from the Government or the Opposition. The people of this country must be cautious and prudent. It would be disastrous for the country if different groups operate in different ways. Certain factions are hatching plots to portray democratic protests as destructive and riotous activities. The Government must acknowledge why people have got down to streets against them. The daily life of people in this country has been severely impacted. Offices have come to a halt. Factories are closing down. The Government has still failed to understand why such a situation has arisen in the country. Inflation rate has gone up in an unpredictable manner. The prices of goods are skyrocketing. The salaries of State sector and private sector employees are not enough to manage their day-to-day expenses. Such a tragic situation had never occurred in Sri Lanka’s history.The President of this country must take a decision at this critical juncture. Continuing such a situation means pulling down the country into a dangerous situation. The power must be vested to a group or leader who has capability in managing the crisis. It is the high time to implement timely mechanisms to rescue this country from this tragic situation”, he said.