Summer juice!


Summer means the celebration of delicious juicy fruits. Again, summer means rotating the sun’s rays all day long. During this season, the intensity of heat is increasing in nature. Due to this extreme heat excessive sweating from the body is occurring. It results the dehydration in the body. For this reason, it is necessary to drink enough water at this time. Otherwise, the body becomes dehydrated and the risk of heat stroke increases. It is very important to keep the body cool as well as to make up for the lack of water in the body. In this case, you can rely on different types of drinks. However, it is not the type of drink that is bought in the market. You need to drink natural drinks to keep your body cool. Drinking a variety of drink helps to heal the nutrients that are excreted from the body through sweat. Let us look at different drinks to relax in the heat.

Coconut water: It is a very good source of electrolytes. Regular consumption of coconut water on hot days reduces the risk of dehydration in the body. A pair of coconut water to relieve heat fatigue and refresh in an instant. Controls body temperature by cooling the body from the inside out. Stomach stays cold. Necessary nutrients can also be found by drinking coconut water regularly. Coconut water maintains the balance of sodium and potassium in the body. In addition, this water is rich in fiber, calcium, magnesium.

Sugarcane juice: A nutritious natural drink is readily available on hot days. It contains elements like iron, potassium, which can boost the body in a very short time. Sugarcane juice eliminates digestive problems.

Watermelon juice: Watermelon juice is very useful in summer. Watermelon juice, which is 90-92 per cent water, is one of the best options to keep the body hydrated and cool.

Raw mango juice: Raw mango is very useful in removing contaminants from the body. Eating raw mango juice maintains the balance of heat in the body. Raw mango is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2 and C. It also contains minerals like potassium, sodium and magnesium. Put raw mango juice on the hot food list.

Ripe mango lassi: Ripe mango has a lot of calories. It also has digestive ingredients. Mango can remove basic substances from the body. Mango is a great food for removing toxins from the skin. According to experts, mango makes the digestive process comfortable. Mango lassi is most beneficial during hot weather. It will cool the body. It will also add nutrients to the body.

Lassi: It is a beverage that Sri Lankans love to drink in hot weather. Lassi is very good as it is easily available and can be eaten by all ages. The demand for plain, sweet and fruit mixed lassi is good. Lassi can be made at home by mixing yogurt and sugar as desired. Experts say that lassi has good health benefits.

Milk shake: Milk shakes are made from a mixture of ice cream, milk, butter, scotch, caramel, chocolate or fruit syrup. Milk shakes are available in different flavours including oreo, chocolate, vanilla, butter scotch, strawberry, etc.

Smoothie: It is made by mixing different types of seasonal fruits and raw edible vegetables. Doctors say that it is very healthy as it contains a mixture of fruits and vegetables. Milk and almonds should be kept in it. Many Sri Lankans prefer smoothies with coconuts, mangoes and bananas.

Grape juice: You can get relief from heat by mixing honey and ice with grape juice. Get the necessary nutrients for the body. Again, this drink is also suitable for eliminating dehydration in the body.

Fresh lemonade: Doctors say that lemon is extremely beneficial for the body during summer. Nutritionists say it is good for the body to eat two lemons a day in this season. The number of lemonade drinkers has increased in restaurants and cafes in the city during summer. So, lemonade is a very popular drink. The combination of glucose, minerals and salt in lemon juice makes it more delicious and nutritious. Sweat removes minerals and water. Lemonade therefore fills it. You can make lemonade at home in a short time with simple things. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which protects the body from infection as well as keeps the body hydrated. This is the best option to escape the heat.

Mint lemonade: It is a favourite beverage in summer season. It is made by mixing fresh mint or mint flavour. Teenagers are more attracted to this beverage. Mint leaves are very useful to protect the body from dehydration in summer. It should be prepared by mixing mint, sugar, honey, birch salt and cumin. Consumption of this juice reduces the effect of heat on body. Even mint lemon ice tea is very popular at various cafes in Sri Lanka during summer season. After making tea and cooling it with ice, lemon juice and mint leaves, the fatigue of heat will be removed instantly.

Soda lemonade: It is made by adding salt and sugar along with lemon to the soda. It is another popular drink of summer season. Many customers in cafe and restaurant used to drink this beverage to refresh themselves.

Ice tea: There are many people like to drink ice tea in summer. The demand of ice tea has increased a lot in this season. Ice tea is available in different flavours. In Sri Lanka, especially green mint, peach, apple, lemon and other flavors are in high demand.

Cold orange tea: Orange-flavoured cold tea is not only keeps the body cool, but also provides energy for work throughout the day. Boil water, add orange peel and tea leaves, boil for four to five minutes, cool and keep in the refrigerator for at least two hours. Remove from the refrigerator and serve with fresh orange juice and sugar as desired.

(Author is a pharmacist, writer and social activist)

By Benazir Ahmed Siddique