SLMA says crisis can cripple healthcare


Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) stated the current crisis will have an impact on the optimal functioning of the country’s healthcare system at all three levels. The scarcity of drugs, vaccines, and other necessary equipment, which is more than likely to contribute to increased morbidity and mortality among Sri Lankans, is a major source of concern.

The SLMA urged the Government to resolve the crisis as soon as possible to prevent it from effecting the health and survival of the country’s people. As Sri Lanka moves from one crisis to another, the country’s social, economic, community, and health issues have pushed the populace to face severe difficulties and hardships.

Further, the SLMA has eagerly called out for a peaceful and extremely urgent resolution to the crisis faced by the nation today.

 They stated that Sri Lanka is currently facing the worst economic and political crisis experienced since its independence which has brought the country into a state of near bankruptcy. The root causes of this debacle are poor governance, mismanagement, massive corruption, and non-accountability at all levels of the political hierarchy including the Executive and Parliament, over many a past decade.