Police ordered to monitor fuel bowsers


The IGP has directed the Police to monitor fuel bowsers on public roads to ensure that no harm is done to them by outsiders, Secretary of the Ministry of Public Security Major General Jagath Alwis (retd) said.

He said, while it is not practical to assign a Police officer to each bowser, officers will definitely supervise fuel bowsers on the move.

Major General Alwis also noted that the Police are currently overburdened with other matters but the IGP also pledged the full support  of Police in monitoring bowsers to protect national security.

While acknowledging protesters’ right to free expression is respected, he said they should not hinder the public from going about their daily lives.

Secretary Alwis highlighted that certain protests had hampered public activities, including the transport of medicine and frozen food items, as well as the disruption of schools, hospitals, and other essential services.

By Thameenah Razeek