NDB Bank – Investing in Our Planet on Earth Day


Earth Day is a time where we celebrate and appreciate our planet while taking action to sustain our planet. Our planet is facing serious challenges with ‘Global Warming’ and the resulting Climate Change being the most significant environmental challenge of this century. Climate change is affecting every nation, disrupting economies and affecting lives. By addressing climate change, we can build a sustainable world for everyone and the time to act is now.

NDB Bank has embarked on a project to understand and manage the Bank’s climate change impacts. As the first step, the Bank signed an MOU with the verification body ‘Sri Lanka Climate Fund’ (SLCF) to ascertain the Bank’s ‘Carbon Footprint’ – also known as ‘GHG Assessment.’

Training was also conducted for key internal stakeholders by the GHG Expert – Dr. Lalith Senaweera, Retired Director General/ CEO of the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) and GHG Verifier – Gayan Madusanka, GHG validation and Verification Division, Sri Lanka Climate Fund (Pvt) Ltd.

Commenting on the project, the Chairperson of the NDB Corporate Sustainability Committee Melody Wickramanayake said, “Climate Action is a key focus area in the Bank’s sustainability agenda. The goal is to proceed towards being Carbon Neutral which will benefit our planet in many ways. It will also increase efficiencies within the organisation since identifying and quantifying CO2 emissions help to identify and rectify excessive energy usage or other inefficiencies.”

As a responsible corporate citizen, National Development Bank PLC (NDB) is future-oriented, with ‘Climate Action’ being a key focus area. Working closely with industry experts such as SLCF will help the Bank to identify best practices for operating in the most sustainable and climate friendly way possible, thereby adding value to the triple bottom line.