Medical, surgical items in short supply -SGP


The Society of Government Pharmacists (SGP) issuing a media release states that currently a total of 525 medical items, drugs along with 5,376 surgical items were in serious short supply within the medical supplies chain in Colombo.

They stated that according to usual requirement some 1,358 medical items has to be in possession of the medical supply chain in Colombo but emphasized that out of that requirement 525 items are out of stock.

In other words the SGP said that 38.7 percent of medical items are out of stock while they pointed out that out of 8553 surgical items, 5376 items had not been replenished.

According to the SGP that is 62.9 percent of the requirement for patients. Furthermore the SGP notes that out of the entire stock of medicinal and surgical items within the medical supply chain 50 percent has not been refilled.

The SGP added that medicines that are used for heart ailments along with those suffering from various other diseases and life savers are also out of stock.

They observed that though they had informed the health authorities regarding the impending shortage of medicinal and surgical items at least four months ago, their pleas had fallen on deaf ears further complicating the issue.