Kegalle SSP behind shooting order – Police source


It is revealed that the shooting in the Rambukkana incident was on the  orders of the Kegalle SSP. Internal sources in the Police Department reveal that three armed Police Officers who were ordered to come to the premises by the Kegalla SSP, have begun shooting to bring the   protesters under control.

Sources said the three armed police officers, who were involved in this incident noted that the the Kegalle SSP was the highest ranking officer who was at the protest site and therefore, they followed his orders. It is also revealed that there was no evidence denying the allegations against the Kegalle SSP.

The SSP is said to have passed the shooting order violating the concept of public peace management.

There are several steps that Police should follow before shooting at a crowd. In this instance  protesters were taken unawares with no loudspeaker announcement that there will be a shooting, a source said.

It is also said officers who had been at the protest were those who had undergone crowd control training sessions with Scotland Yard and large amounts had been spent on these  sessions. Meanwhile, these facts have been taken into account during investigations.

As soon as the incident was reported, several official groups began investigations in this regard. The IGP handed over investigations to the CID yesterday (21). 

Accordingly, the CID has appointed an SSP and sent a team of officials to Rambukkana to continue investigations to confirm the culprit behind the shooting order and the purpose of such an order.

The SSP and Police officials connected to the incident, were transferred yesterday (21).

By Chamara Amarasuriya