Govt responsible for death of protester – Jeevan


General Secretary of the Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) Jeevan Thondaman said the Government should bear sole responsibility for the Rambukkana clash between the Police and protesters, as well as the death of a protester.

 After Police opened fire on a group of protesters in Rambukkana, one person was killed and several others were injured and hospitalised.

 “The public has the right to protest, and the ongoing protests were the result of the Government’s poor decisions. The prices of essential commodities and everything else have skyrocketed, and people are suffering as a result of not having a proper means of subsistence. They are staging protests to demonstrate their situation, and Police have no right to open fire on protesters,” he said.

While condemning the Rambukkana incident, Thondaman said that the act which the Police did to disperse  protesters is wrong and the CWC will not stand with violence against people. The CWC will not accept any activity which is taking place against the people in the country. MPs should be accountable for the lives of people, along with the death of the man in the Rambukkana clash, he said.

 “If the lives of people are at risk in the country, the Government should make sure and be responsible enough to protect and assure the lives of people,” said Thondaman.

Meanwhile commenting on the same incident Leader of the Up-Country People’s Front Dr. V. Radhakrishnan said that the only motive of the Rajapaksa leaders and the Government is to kill both Tamil and Sinhala people who stand for their rights.

“People who are fighting for their rights have been killed continuously during the Rajapaksa rule. In the past, fishermen who protested for kerosene and those who protested for water in Rathupaswala were shot to death by the  then Rajapaksa leaders. At present, they are killing people who are fighting for their rights and it clearly shows that they are repeating what they earlier did ,” said
Dr. Radhakrishnan.

The Government should understand the demands of protesters and must fulfil their needs. He further urged protesters to ensure their safety before staging protests.

BY Eunice Ruth