Economy will recover in 3 months – Aravind Kumar


 The country will be able to recover from the current economic crisis within three months with International Monetary Fund (IMF) assistance, State Minister of Estate Housing and Community Infrastructure A. Aravind Kumar said.

“The major cause of all current problems, including price increases and long lines, is the dollar crisis, which can only be resolved with the help of the IMF,” he said, adding that the IMF is expected to provide assistance soon and the country will be able to resolve any and all crises.

“During the recovery period, we expect that the dollar rate would reduce to its previous level, and accordingly, all price of goods within the country will be reduced,” he said.

In response to the recent unrest in Rambukkana, Kumar said the death of a protester is unacceptable and that nobody should die in a clash in a democratic country.

The Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission has appointed a four-member team to investigate the Rambukkana clash and we anticipate appropriate action will be taken following the inquiry, he added.

“Being appointed as a new Minister, I will work for the wellbeing of the people and will take measures to reduce their burdens as much as possible. The President appointed 24 new State Ministers recently and I assumed duties yesterday as the State Minister of Estate Housing and Community Infrastructure,” he further said.

By Eunice Ruth