Will storm Prez’s PM’s and Govt MPs’ residences


The Media Secretary of the All Island Three-Wheeler Drivers and Owners Association, Kapila Galapitage, yesterday warned that they will shortly storm the residences of the President, Prime Minister, Ministers and Government MPs, in vehement opposition to the fuel price hike announced by CEYPETCO at Midnight on 18 April.

He stated that they had already briefed the membership of the Union on the action that is to be pursued by them in protest at the latest unfair and unjust fuel price revision.

Galapitage added that they had resorted to this course of action due to the regular fuel price revision adopted by the Government without a care in the world for the predicament of consumers.

He stated that the dismal management of the economy by the Government had led to the present situation and lamented that they cannot hope to hike fares daily in consequence to the irregular fuel price revisions.

He also noted that calls made to the Government to grant them a fuel subsidy had fallen on deaf ears and observed that due to the newest fuel price hike protests will continue to mount countrywide in the coming days.

By Tharindu Nanayakkara