Three Govt loyalists switch sides


In a dramatic turn of events, three MPs Faizal Cassim, Ishak Rahuman and M.S. Thowfeek, who previously extended their support to the Government defying their party decisions, yesterday (20) informed Parliament that they would no longer support the Government.

MP Faizal Cassim and M.S. Thowfeek were elected under the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) led by Rauff Hakeem while MP Ishak Rahuman was elected by the All Ceylon Muslim Congress (ACMC) led by Rishad Bathiudeen.

MP Cassim told Parliament that three MPs including himself have decided to withdraw their support to the Government with effect from yesterday.

MP Cassim also thanked the MPs and ministers who had assisted him when he had been working with the Government.

However, he said the Government had not listened to or considered their requests with regard to the prevailing crisis in the country.

All three MPs supported the Government during the vote on the 20th Amendment to the Constitution in October 2020. (GW)