Rambukkana Protest: Police curfew lifted


The Police curfew imposed in Rambukkana on Tuesday evening (19) was lifted at 05:00 am this morning (21).

An indefinite Police curfew was imposed in the Rambukkana Police area on Tuesday evening, after the Police opened fire at a group of protesters.

The group were blocking the main Rambukkana railway crossing, and the Rambukkana-Kegalle, Kurunegala and Mawanella main roads since Monday (18) evening, demanding a solution for the ongoing fuel crisis.

Police initially fired tear gas at the group, after requests for them to disperse from the area were ignored. They later opened fire at the group, claiming that the protesters had attempted to set ablaze a bowser carrying 30,000 litres of fuel.

While one person was killed in the shooting, 24 others, including 10 Police personnel, were injured.

Inspector General of Police C. D. Wickramaratne later noted, however, that Police had used minimum force in order to prevent the substantial damage that would have occurred had the bowser been set on fire. He further noted that an investigation will be carried out at the Police Headquarter level into the matter.