President responsible for crisis – Senthil


Changing Cabinet Ministers and replacing several government officials will not address the concerns of the public or meet the demands of protesters, Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) Senthil Thondaman said.

He said people have been protesting against the Government in Galle Face for the past few days with protesters demanding that the President return home.

“However, the Government is not paying attention to the people’s demands and concerns, and it appears that the President is not sensitive to the public’s feelings,” he said.

He pointed out that the President has executive powers to resolve existing issues and is responsible for all the present issues in the country.

“The country is currently experiencing massive shortages of fuel, gas, and other essential commodities, as well as power outages. As a result of the Government’s irresponsible actions, the burden on the people has increased, and they are facing an unprecedented economic crisis. All of this is the responsibility of the President, who wields executive power. Meanwhile, the Government has failed to address people’s concerns, and they must take steps to address the public’s problems,” Thondaman said.

He further said the Government’s response is different to what the people are demanding.

“It has become questionable how the President is going to find solutions to the issues when he cannot even go to the Presidential Secretariat. Therefore, the Government should listen to the demands of the people and need to make wise decisions that can address the problems,” he said.

By Eunice Ruth