New system vital to change estate workers’ wages – Jeevan


A new system should be implemented to change the daily wage system of estate workers, or a decision should be taken to provide their salaries in a proper manner, Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) General Secretary Jeevan Thondaman said.

Addressing the media, he said the CWC recently met the Commissioner-General of the Labour Department and informed him about the ongoing wage dispute where workers were promised Rs 1000 as a daily wage. However, private plantation companies have failed to pay workers the stipulated amount. “We informed the Government, as well as the authorities and officials, during the election period, to pay attention to the wage issue of upcountry estate workers. However, no one has paid attention, and their carelessness has had a severe impact on estate workers,” he added. He also said with the recent price increases and essential commodity shortages within the country, the upcountry people cannot survive on this basic salary and their salaries should be increased immediately. Also, as promised, plantation companies should pay estate workers Rs 1000.

Further, he said the Labour Department should take steps to provide a long-term solution to the estate workers’ daily wage system.

By Eunice Ruth