Lawyers’ Union ready to fight for protesters


The Colombo Hulftsdorp Magistrate’s Court Lawyers’ Union yesterday announced that they will stand up for protesters’ Fundamental Rights, which may be violated while they protest against the current Government across the country.

Issuing a media release, the Union stated that they acknowledge the democratic right which has been ensured and guaranteed by the Constitution to engage in peaceful protests against the Government of the day.

The Union thus pledged their full support to protesters to carry out their demonstrations peacefully and, if necessary, to stand up on their behalf if their fundamental rights were violated.

The Union also expressed its deepest condolences and shock over the incident at Rambukkana on 19 April, where a protester was killed and several others were injured after Police opened fire to prevent a riot following a protest staged by the public in opposition to CEYPETCO’s latest fuel price hike.

They further added that the Government should conduct an impartial probe into the incident that occurred at Rambukkana and stated that the country’s security forces should ensure that a repetition of such an incident should not take place anywhere else in this country in the future.   

BY Hansi Nanayakkara