CID ordered to probe social media platforms


Colombo Additional Magistrate Manjula Thillakaratne, yesterday (20) ordered the CID to probe an incident where it has been alleged that various social media platforms had been utilised to promote unfair remarks pertaining to verdicts issued by the Judiciary, whilst exerting pressure on Judges and tampering with the independence of the Judiciary and make submissions to him accordingly.

The CID yesterday made submissions to Court, based on a complaint lodged with its Social Media Unit, by Colombo Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage on 18 April.

Having perused the submissions, Magistrate Thillakaratne, gave the Order to the CID.

The CID stated that the complaint lodged by the Fort Chief Magistrate, had stated that a news item had been released via a WhatsUp Group titled ‘BASL Election 2019/02’ and in it, it has been published that ‘the BASL should intervene forthwith regarding the appointment of corrupt elephant thieves or its severe repercussions could be felt by all concerned’.

The CID informed Additional Magistrate Thillakaratne, that the complaint had further stated that the news item on the WhatsUp Group had also been given wide publicity via various social media platforms.

They stated that the plaintiff had said that such items could lead to creating undue unrest among the public and that such actions could also harm the independence of the Judiciary.

They added that the plaintiff had stated in his complaint, that he had been acquitted and released from the case, where he had been charged with the illegal possession of an elephant calf and hence he had urged the CID to initiate a probe into his complaint.

The CID stated that they had therefore begun a probe into the complaint lodged by the Colombo Fort Chief Magistrate.

By Hansi Nanayakkara