Changing heads not panacea for ills – Mahanamahewa


Attorney-at-Law Prathiba Mahanamahewa said the Government has bungled for the umpteenth time by forming a Cabinet of Ministers with mostly inexperienced SLPP MPs, despite the fact that the people continue to oppose the Rajapaksa regime en masse.

He questioned the logic behind the latest Cabinet’s formation to resolve the country’s current political and economic upheaval.

He claimed that the current Cabinet is rife with incompetent and inexperienced MPs, emphasising that the Government has used it to deceive the public and push pressing issues to the backburner.

“The need of the hour is for the people to be placated in some way,” he said when asked about the country’s current political and economic turmoil.

“The Cabinet is merely a means of sugarcoating the pressing issues, and they (the Government) have yet to grasp the gravity of the situation. The people have now taken to the streets in vehement opposition to the Government, as they are struggling to meet their basic needs. Changing of heads is not the panacea for the ills of this country,” he said.

Mahanamahewa who was once the head of the HRCSL, stressed one of the surefire remedies to the ongoing political instability here would be to reintroduce the 19th Amendment to the Constitution with changes if necessary.

He claimed that the former ministers had yet to return their official vehicles and give up most of their privileges, including their salaries, and that they had failed to set an example for the masses with their high-end lifestyle.

He added that former ministers’ frugality for at least six months could pacify the oppressed masses to some extent, but he was quick to point out that what the masses were currently clamouring for was a complete system change devoid of the Rajapaksa clan.

With the country mired in its economic and political quagmire, Mahanamahewa believes India has already begun to call the shots, and he warns that the consequences will be felt by the masses in the coming weeks and months.

He said allowing the LIOC to spike fuel prices at their whims and fancies and with India playing a pivotal role at the ongoing IMF talks Sri Lanka is having in Washington towards a bailout, is further proof of New Delhi’s ulterior motive to keep Colombo under its grip to achieve their interests.