Public at risk due to hampered healthcare – PHIU


By Eunice Ruth

The failure to provide proper medical services will result in increase in communicable diseases in the community along with maternal and child mortality, President of Public Health Inspectors Union (PHIU), Upul Rohana said.

Expressing serious concern, Rohana yesterday (18) said that the economic crisis, power, fuel, gas crises and many other ongoing crises have affected the country severely; especially the public health service which has been operating in Sri Lanka for a long time and that the improper functioning of medical services will result in many unexpected situations where people could die, he warned.  

“Fuel for ambulances and vehicles of health officials, and required fuel for generators have not been distributed properly. Cold storage and refrigerated rooms where medicines are stored in hospitals don’t have proper electricity. Slowly, we are losing the name of the country which has provided the best healthcare service in the world.

Further, the risk of massive health hazards in the future is increasing and infectious diseases are on the rise along with the rising malnutrition rate among schoolchildren. 

We therefore, urge the health authorities to properly manage the available health resources and take steps to use them to protect the lives of the people. Immediate actions should be taken to provide the essential facilities required to advance the public healthcare need”.